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Paros has a reputation for outstanding beauty for a reason. Countless small gulfs and reclusive bays, sandy beaches and significant historical sights gather harmoniously to enchant every traveler. The site of "petaloudes" with numerous water springs, lush vegetation and a vast population of butterflies, and "kolymbithres", a beautiful beach surrounded by smooth rocks that nature has so elaborately sculptured, as well as the innumerable golden beaches of Paros are some of the island’s beauties. The island is full of ancient ruins, castles, windmills, churches and monasteries. Close to Parikia, you can find the remnants of the Temple of Asclepius as well as visit the Frankish castle. Prehistoric remnants have been discovered on the hill of the ancient acropolis of Paros. The imposing Byzantine church of Ekatontapyliani (the church of one hundred doors), built in the 4th century, is situated in Parikia, and the historical events and traditions that are associated with this impressive medieval monument are worth discovering. If you are interested in the museums of the island, we suggest you to visit the Archaeological and Folk Art Museum is in Parikia as well as the Folk Art Museum in the village of Lefkes.

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