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Paros has been inhabited since the prehistoric times and was one of the most prominent centers of the Cycladic civilization, which flourished between the 5th and the 3rd millennium BC. During the Bronze Age, Paros was under Cretan influence up until the decline of the Minoan civilization, half way through the 2nd millennium BC. During the archaic period (8th-5th century BC) the island flourished as a center of art and commerce and this thriving development -with the exception of brief intervals- endured until the Hellenistic era. In the Persian Wars, Paros allied with the Persians and in revenge the Athenians under General Miltiades unsuccessfully attacked the island after the battle of Marathon in 490 BC. Then, the island became a member of the Athenian Confederacy in which it remained until the end of the 5th century and the demise of the Athenian hegemony. A few centuries later, Paros along with the rest of Greece was occupied by the Romans. Since then Paros changed many hands and finally in 1207 the island was annexed to the Duchy of Naxos. The castle of Parikia was built during Frankish rule. Paros was eventually occupied by the Turks and suffered many pirates’ attacks - Franks and Turks being a regular plague. During the Greek War of Independence, Paros, being a naval power, played a significant role by contributing with its powerful fleet and its fierce seamen.

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